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Hospice Care

Hospice Care

You’ve probably heard that your pet will tell you when he or she is ready to be put down, but the truth is, it’s not always easy to know when the time is right. We can help you with this decision.

A few things to consider in the meantime:

  • Is your pet clearly in pain?
  • Has your pet lost interest in her favorite activities?
  • Has your pet stopped being able to perform basic functions like eating, drinking, eliminating outdoors/in the litterbox?
  • Senior pets will sometimes pant while at rest which can be a sign of chronic pain in our older pets

Our team will work with you to see that your pet’s pain is managed and that he or she is as comfortable as possible until it’s time to say goodbye. When you’re ready to make that decision, our veterinarians will be with you every step of the way, and our staff can help with recommendations for aftercare.

To talk to one of our compassionate hospice care experts, give us a call at (631) 462-0191.